Create passive income

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1/15/2021 8:53:47 AM

This sites faucet is truley insaine now. Claims earn 100sat, 0.001EOS, 0.0025USDT, or 0.00002ETH as well as the option to collect various other cryptos. Affiliates also get 50% of their referrals claims. It can really add up fast. I have earned a lot of crypto using the faucet. My claims earn me enough that I can play the Crash and Dice games without having to make a deposit. 

Trustdice has grown a ton since I first registered with the site. They now offer every type of Casino game imaginable while still offering the same Dice and Crash games. They even have LIVE Roulette now that is actually a real life video stream of a roulette table.

Betting still rewards users mining power that mines the sites TXT tokens. TXT holders can now withdraw their TXT tokens to an EOS wallet and sale them on an exchange to cash out their value. TXT is really quite valuable considering how many you can earn each day. TXT can still be staked on Trustdice to earn extra BTC, ETH, EOS, and USDT from the sites profits. This is what gives TXT tokens value. People are willing to buy them so they can stake them to claim a share of the sites daily revenue. Right now 1 TXT is trading for 0.0000896EOS that is 89.6EOS per 1,000,000TXT!

I also am earning about $30-$40 a month in USDT from people I have reffered to the site that make deposits through the sites affiliate program.

Trustdice offers crazy deposit bonuses for new users on up to their first 3 deposits. Trustdice holds daily wagering contest that award winners crypto prizes. Really there is just so many different bonuses and ways that Trustdice rewards users that the only way a person can really get a grasp on it is to check it out for themselves.

Trustdice is my favorite place to play dice now. They are pretty fair dice.

In comparison, Freebitcoin's "Bitcoin Multiplier" has something like a 5% house edge, while Trustdice only has a 1.5% house edge on the Dice and Crash games and somewhere around a 3% edge on the slots and other Casino games. The edge varies a bit from game to game and they have a ton but 3% is close to right on any of them.

One thing Trustdice is serious about is their terms and conditions and holding people to what is stated in them. With so many bonuses and ways to earn from the site it is easy to understand why though. They don't want people taking advantage of all the bonuses and offers they provide by double claiming and self referring.Just make sure to follow the terms and conditions. Don't make more then one account and you shouldn't have any issues with Trustdice.

I have withdrawn a little more that 6EOS without any issues.